Jaman SD disebutnya Pantun, jaman socmed disebutnya Rhyme…


Mimi and me played #rhyme again on Twitter after a quite-long break. The rules were only two. First, we had to create rhyming lines which have a continuous meaning from the previous tweet. Second, I used English while Mimi used bahasa.

We decided to play kinda mini #rhyme since a sentence was consisted of two rhyming lines only, not four as we usually play.

And, here we go! 🙂

  • @myaharyono
    Kenangan jangan sering-sering dikenang,
    nanti air matamu menggenang.  #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    If only you know how hard I try,
    avoiding memories become a cry. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Air mata di pipi akan mengering,
    pertanda cahaya di hati segera menyingsing. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    And I’m really waiting for the day,
    the day I leave the tears away. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Luka di hati ini,
    adalah suka suatu hari nanti. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Promise yourself there will no him,
    in your loudest dream and scream. #rhyme

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