Travel is…

Travel is...Travel is figuring out that you are braver than before.

Travel is wondering there’s a world outside every darkened door.

Travel is falling a sleep on a bus and letting the bus driver take you anywhere until the last stop.

Travel is waking up earlier then you use to be and getting ready for today’s adventure.

Travel is enjoying sunset somewhere far away from home.

Travel is turning your head to the wind.

Travel is living life to the fullest, because life is like a road you travel on.

Travel is falling in love… with God, for any creatures you see along the trip.

Travel is waiting for surprise you may get in every journey.

Travel is planning for the next destination.

Travel is hunting for something you can bring home for the one you care about.

Travel is being somewhere that make you say “wish you were here’.

Travel is forgetting that you are on diet.

Travel is sharing your experience because you never have any story to tell if you have been nowhere.

Travel is guessing, perhaps that someone across the street is your soul mate.

Travel is either making you love your someone more or less, depends on your traveling purpose.

Travel is being awake, you never really sleep because you can’t wait until tomorrow comes and gives another experience.

Travel is taking a break from your busy hours that make you go insane.

Travel is sometimes sleeping on an inconvenience bed but feeling extremely satisfied.

Travel is wearing your old favorite shoes but every steps count a great adventure.

Travel is tasting the specialty of somewhere and when you come home you will suggest “you have to try the food”.

Travel is managing your time, you mess one day itinerary then you should rearrange for whole week.

Travel is being sexy without trying hard to be, in your own way.

Travel is knowing the things you never knew before.

Travel is going the distance to make a room for a while

Travel is seeing the world and meeting different races.

Travel is discovering that there is some act of kindness you never thought it existed before.

Travel is creating one simple conversation that could lead to a lifelong friendship.

Travel is being somewhere that you can always proudly say “been there” later on.

Travel is bringing the same bag for a week with difference experience everyday.

Travel is capturing moments you never want to forget, everytime you see the picture you will smile and say “I miss that moment”.

Travel is also learning how to communicate and deal with a completely stranger.

Travel is remembering one day when you’re old that you were once young, wild, free, and cool.

Travel is knowing that you may deserve something better.

Travel is feeling lucky for having a chance to see great places that some people may not have one.

Travel is getting something new that surprisingly surprised!

Travel is listening to one song in your iPod that will remind you of that one gloomy night somewhere.

Travel is figuring out, who is the one who did not miss you and the one who missed you the most

Travel is finding some place you’ve never been before but it just reminds you of that someone special.

Travel is realizing that there is still the one thing missing no matter how far you go.

Travel is wondering there’s a world outside every darkened door.

Travel is making new friends.

Travel is getting away for a while from your problem.

Travel is throwing your sorrow and counting your blessings.

7 thoughts on “Travel is…

  1. This is beautiful! I cant completely agree more. with every single one of them. great job!
    Ive posted some great holiday destinations on my blog for uni. ( Please leave feedback ant tell me what you think about paradise! thanks!


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